Castle School Key Chains

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These are inspired by Castle High School in Newburgh, IN with the colors of Blue and Yellow. All are constructed from marine vinyl on front and back, hand cut, and finished with a split ring and eyelet, split ring and rivet, or a d-ring lobster clasp and a rivet.

I have two color styles:

1. Yellow front with blue text and a blue back.

2. Blue front with yellow text and a yellow back.

There are three hardware options:

D-Ring with rivet, Split Ring with Rivet, or Split Ring with Eyelet

Measure 5 3/8" long (not including hardware) and 1 1/4" wide.

Contact me if you would like your school, team, or personal name on one! This size 6 letters is max to fit in it. I have a variety of other colors of marine vinyl: green, gray, blue, red, yellow, orange, etc. Feel free to contact me with questions!