Home For Christmas Towel

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I'll Be Home for Christmas (and in therapy by New Years)

Great towel to add to your kitchen for the upcoming holiday season, or give it to a loved one.

Have an idea/saying I don't have? Drop me an email..we can get that for you! 

I like a big towel for dishes and hand drying as well, so that's why the ones I use measure (approximately) 14 1/2 inches wide by 26 1/2 inches long...they will vary a little depending on if one shrunk a little more than another or was cut a little short when made at the factory. 

I prewash all towels, machine embroidery the design, and then wash again. I like to make sure any shrinkage is handled before stitching and it is a good test of the stitches to make sure everything looks good afterwards. I like to wash on cold and dry on low heat. The towels are 100% cotton, and can be ironed but please use a lower setting than you would for cotton. The threads are polyester and too high of heat could make them shrink and pucker the design.