Mermaid Tail Lip Balm Holder, Dark Pink

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I constantly lose my lip balm/chapstick whatever you want to call it in the bottom of my purse. By the time I dig through everything why bother? Now, I have a handy lip balm holder clipped to the outside of my purse, and I can find it quickly whenever I want it.

The holder fits standard size Chapstick/lip balm tubes (0.15 ounce size). At first it is a very snug fit as the vinyl gradually forms around the tube. Tip: Put your tube in cap side up, and when removing squeeze from the bottom like a tube of toothpaste.

This is a mermaid tail lip balm made from pink glitter vinyl on front with pink variegated thread details and a black chalkboard vinyl on back. There is a rivet closure and D-Ring lobster clasp on top. The clasp opening is 1/2 inch wide and 5/8 inch tall. The holder measures 4 1/4 inches from the fold on top to bottom, and is 2 1/2 inches wide at its widest point (the tail).