Small Vinyl Notebook Covers

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It never fails. You are at a meeting, or out running errands and you need to write something down. I could use Notes on my phone if I wasn't talking on it, and no one wants me to use the speaker phone in the grocery store and hear all my business. What  if I just need to jot down a name or number to give someone I don't know well enough to text? Sometimes the fastest this is pen and paper, and now you can have it in a fun cover!

I have these adorable (and customizable) notebook covers. The outside is vinyl with fabric appliques, and the inside fabric (I have added Fray Lock to help prevent any fraying on the edges). Then a Kam Snap for the closure. They measure around 4.5" wide by 5.5" tall and .5" thick when shut.

What I appreciate about this notebook cover (besides the look!) is the ease of finding a refill for it at Walmart. They carry the little notebook pictured, and last time I bought them they were in packs of three!! Just in case you don't shop or what to see what else fits the dimensions of the notebook used are: 3.25" Wide by 4.5" Long

Listed are the ones I have currently in stock. If you would like different colors of fabric/vinyl just send me a message and we can get one made for you (just allow 2-3 days to make)!